This jam is now over. It ran from 2020-04-03 07:00:00 to 2020-04-10 07:59:59. View results

The theme is: 

Vote for the theme in the 1st round here!  CLOSED

Vote for the theme in the 2nd round here! CLOSED

Vote for the theme in the 3rd round here! CLOSED

  • The number one rule is have fun! What's the point if it's not fun?!
  • Do not make any game that includes hate speech or NSFW content. It will be removed. Please don't make us have to remove your game, we want everyone to have fun!
  • Respect the other participants! Everybody here deserves some respect. For some it might be their very first game or game jam entry, and that's ok! When reviewing the work of others just try to be positive and respectful.
  • If you use pre-made assets, code libraries, sprites, 3d models, or otherwise please give proper credit to the creator in your submission.
  • Please stay within the timeframe. We know people get excited, but please wait until the jam starts to start working on assets and code! It's not fair to the other participants if you jump the gun.

  • Is there a team member limit? There is no limit to the number of collaborators in a group, but we recommend 1-4 people
  • How long is the jam? 7 days!
  • What game engines can I use? Unity, UE4, Godot, or whatever else you want!
  • Can I enter if I've never made a game? Yes! All skill levels are welcome! We absolutely encourage people new to game dev to join up and give it a try!
  • Where can I find team members? You can try the Jam's community tab or join our discord which is full of people who want to team up with you!

This jam will be voted on by the public; anyone is welcome to vote!

Submissions will be judged on 5 criteria: art style, gameplay, creativity, audio, and how well it fits the theme. So give it your all!

Prizes are:

  • First place game will receive a $50 Steam Gift Card (can be split between team members)
  • First place game will be featured in a YouTube video on Kindred's channel
  • The top 3 games will be played on stream by Kindred on Twitch! 

General Game Engines
Unreal Engine | Unity | Godot | GameMaker | Construct2 | Defold
Text Adventure
Twine | Quest
Pixel Art and Vector Art
GraphicsGale | Krita | GIMP | Inkscape
3D Modeling

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