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Kentucky Fried Pixels is a bundle of games made by game developers in and around the state of Kentucky!

There are two jams:

  • 48-hour kick-off jam - You can bring any project in to work on or start a completely new game! Set goals, develop, and show it off!
  • One month development jam - Developers work over a month to finish their game!

100% of the proceeds are divided evenly among the development teams!

Rules: Any game can be submitted, new or old, just make sure you own all of the content (including intellectual property) in the game! (Developers that cannot confirm they own 100% of the content in their game will be excluded from the bundle)

The content for any game submitted to Kentucky Fried Pixels must adhere to the Warp Zone Code of Conduct http://louisvillemakesgames.or...

Any games that promote hate speech or specifically target others to cause harm will not be accepted in the jam.

LMG reserves the right to deny games access to the bundle if they break any of the above rules.


June 9th to 11th - 48 hour game jam

June 12th to July 9th - One month long development jam

July 9th - End of KFP, submission deadline, presentations

July 31st - Screenshots/Videos due


August 17th - Distribution date

Participating locations

Warp Zone Louisville

Meetup page (RSVP):

Location: 612 W Washington St Louisville, KY 40202

Hosts: Allen-Michael Brower -


Q: Do I need to create a new game?

A: No, all games are welcome.

Q: Do I need to have a game already?

A: No, see above.

Q: Can I submit more than one game?

A: Yes, you can submit any number of games, but remember -- quality over quantity!

Q: Do I have to live in Kentucky to submit a game?

A: No! There are no restrictions on region, all are welcome, but we're mainly focusing on games made in the Kentucky/Mid-West area.

Q: Do I need to participate in both?

A: There is no obligation to participate in either jam. If you have a game ready to submit, let us know!

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Combat Revolved
a simple platformer
The best puzzle game ever made.
A game about running
Pong spinning out of control.
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Wonky Physics! Unnecessary Colors! Free Form Puzzles!
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