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What is Kentucky Fried Pixels?

Kentucky Fried Pixels is a month-long series of events designed to empower and nurture local game creators and provide them the tools necessary to successfully complete a game from initial concept to polish, marketing, release, and beyond.

This will be the fourth year Louisville Makes Games is running Kentucky Fried Pixels, a jam and bundle of games made almost exclusively in Kentucky! Throughout the month of August, local game creators are tasked with making games in a month. This results, in a lot of cases, in some really polished games! This isn't a competition and everyone is welcome! Come follow our development from August 2nd to September 1st, or join along yourself!

How is this jam different from others?

Along with consisting almost entirely of homegrown, Kentucky games, the other thing that makes this jam unique is that this jam is split into two main development periods:

  • 48-hour kick-off jam
    • Prototype your game in 48 hours starting August 2nd!
    • August 2nd from 7PM to August 4th at 7PM
  • One month development jam
    • Spend the rest of the month polishing your team's game and work on something really unique and polished!
    • Games are due September 2nd at 11:59PM

Shortly after the jam is over, the eligible games will be invited to join the Kentucky Fried Pixels bundle on September 20th for Pay What You Want! 100% of the proceeds of Kentucky Fried Pixels will be split among the development teams evenly. From there, it will be up to the individual teams to distribute the money to each team member.


  • The content for any game submitted to Kentucky Fried Pixels must adhere to the Warp Zone Code of Conduct http://louisvillemakesgames.or…
  • The Marketing Form at must be filled out before the end date of Kentucky Fried Pixels on September 2nd.
  • You must agree to offer the full game to purchasers of the bundle regardless of release date
  • One game per team
    • Submitting multiple games as multiple teams with the same team members is not permitted.
    • Exceptions will be made for teams that share members but the core team is different (musician or artist who hops from team to team).
  • Game must be downloadable on on at least one of the following platforms
    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Linux
    • Android
  • Any games that promote hate speech or specifically target real individuals or groups of people to cause harm will not be accepted in the jam.

LMG reserves the right to deny games access to the bundle if they break any of the above rules.


August 2nd to August 4th - 48 hour game jam

August 2nd to September 1st - One month long development jam

September 1st - End of KFP, submission deadline, presentations

September 20th - Trolley hop/KFP release!

Participating Locations

Warp Zone Louisville

Meetup page (RSVP): Meetup Link

Location: 612 W Washington St Louisville, KY 40202

Hosts: Allen-Michael Brower -

Alex Bezuska -

Cara Bezuska -

Eric Lathrop -


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