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The KC Mini Game Jam is organised by the Krautchan community as a mini game jam for the bernds who lurk KC.

The point of this Game Jam is to create a game from scratch. It's possible to team up with other bernds to do it. For instance, one could focus on the graphics and sounds and his teammate would be responsible for the code and game design.

KC Mini Game Jam #02 - Theme: Bomberman

Originally released in 1983, Bomberman quickly became a very popular action game.

In Bomberman, Bomberman, the player controlled character, finds himself in a level with some destructible bricks.
He must progress through the level by destroying bricks using bombs while avoiding enemies or explosions.

Under some bricks can be found bonuses able to increase the power or number of available bombs.
The game is usually won when bomberman kills all enemies or finds an exit to the level.

Criteria of the vote:

Gameplay (30%), Game Design (30%), Graphic Design (20%), Sound Design (10%), KC Memes (10%).

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bomberman clone for krautchan mini game challenge #2