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Hey everyone! Here's a fun game jam that YOU can participate in!

On Tuesday the 16th of July, we over at the KBGames community are going to do a 1-week game jam wherein we attempt to design (and ideally, prototype and playtest) an 18-card strategy game.


  • Design a game that requires NO MORE THAN 18 cards. You can do fewer than 18 and it's OK if you want to have extra non-gameplay cards (like a helpful quick rules sheet type of thing)
  • NO OTHER COMPONENTS. No dice or game board or anything else besides the 18 cards.
  • Upload a PDF of your rulebook plus the 2 sheets of cards, and you're good to go!

In general we encourage making kind of a "normal card game"; doing stuff like ripping cards or folding cards isn't illegal but it's discouraged. Ideally you'd be making a functional strategy game that people can play forever for at least a few weeks before it gets boring! :D

Have fun!

Thanks for participating, and if you have any other questions please direct them to our discord!

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2 player, 1v1 18 card Starcraft themed deckbuilder
An 18-card strategy game about wizards escaping a dragon!
An 18 card single-player strategy game.
Virus vs. Antivirus in this fast-paced 2 player card game!
Fairy Kingdom is a whimsical card game for 2 players that takes about 10 minutes.
Consume. Grow. Adapt. Survive.
An 18 card strategy game.
Fruit collecting card game about trains
RPS with extra bonus mechanics.
Like Twilight Imperium but its only 18 cards.
A two player strategy card game
1v1 Micro Game
Card Game
An 18 card strategy game about beavers