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Hey everyone! Here's a fun game jam that YOU can participate in!

On Tuesday the 16th of July, we over at the KBGames community are going to do a 1-week game jam wherein we attempt to design (and ideally, prototype and playtest) an 18-card strategy game.


  • Design a game that requires NO MORE THAN 18 cards. You can do fewer than 18 and it's OK if you want to have extra non-gameplay cards (like a helpful quick rules sheet type of thing)
  • NO OTHER COMPONENTS. No dice or game board or anything else besides the 18 cards.
  • Upload a PDF of your rulebook plus the 2 sheets of cards, and you're good to go!

In general we encourage making kind of a "normal card game"; doing stuff like ripping cards or folding cards isn't illegal but it's discouraged. Ideally you'd be making a functional strategy game that people can play forever for at least a few weeks before it gets boring! :D

Have fun!

Thanks for participating, and if you have any other questions please direct them to our discord!


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An 18 card single-player strategy game.
Consume. Grow. Adapt. Survive.
Virus vs. Antivirus in this fast-paced 2 player card game!
Fairy Kingdom is a whimsical card game for 2 players that takes about 10 minutes.
An 18 card strategy game.
Like Twilight Imperium but its only 18 cards.
RPS with extra bonus mechanics.
A two player strategy card game
2 player, 1v1 18 card Starcraft themed deckbuilder
1v1 Micro Game
Card Game
An 18 card strategy game about beavers
An 18-card strategy game about wizards escaping a dragon!