Submissions open from 2023-03-23 08:00:00 to 2023-04-06 07:00:00
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KAIJUJAM 2 is the second annual KAIJUJAM, its a two week (with one week of voting) game jam where participants make either a video game or a physical game about kaiju. It is the sister jam to MECHJAM. If you don't know what Kaiju are, generally it means giant monsters, although they don't have to be giant. Some of the most famous Kaiju franchises are GodzillaKing Kong, and Gamera

Your game can be any genre, if you want to make a Kaiju platformer, Kaiju text-based adventure or a Kaiju fighting game go ahead. No genre is off limits. The only fundamental rule is you include a Kaiju somewhere in your game, you don't even have to play a Kaiju!

Join the MechJam/Kaijujam official Discord server for a community of amazing people and if you want to ask any questions!

These will be revealed when the jam starts.

- Make your game free so everyone can vote on it. You can charge for it after the voting period if you desire to do so.

- Make your project within the jam time.   

- Be respectful and not overly offensive, if your game contains 18+ content please make a note of it on the game page.

- Respect the community.

- You can work in a team if you desire to do so.

- Any engine is allowed.

- Please do not submit any projects made outside of the jam.

- Assets not made yourself are allowed but please credit the original creator.

- State if your game is a video game or a physical game.

- Please understand it might be difficult for tabletop/physical games to be presented in the livestream.

- Have fun!