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This is a jam for 2-player tabletop roleplaying games, though interactive fiction, bitsy games, and similar digital games are also welcome as long as they're designed for two!

Two-player games sit in a niche between more introspective solo games and often-busier 3+-player games. They can make great use of formality and symmetry or asymmetry, and allow people to create more intimate or intense experiences by cutting down to the fewest players necessary.

This jam is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on 2-player games, so bring out your old ones or design them new, or both!


You can find many 2-player ttrpgs using the '2-player' (or 'two-player') tag in the Physical Games category here on itch, including:


  • The primary experience of your game should be 2-player - don't just shoehorn a 2-player mode into a complete game!
  • Any state of work is fair to submit - previously-published, freshly-designed, works-in-progress, playtest versions, etc.
  • Games in any language are fine to submit.
  • You can submit any number of games as long as they fit the other requirements.
  • License and price your games as you see fit!
  • Include content notices or other precautions on both the game's page and in its file(s) if your game includes any material that could be considered adult or sensitive.
  • Bigoted content of any kind is not allowed and will be removed from the jam.
  • Please upload your game with the tag '2-player' and feel free to tweet with the tag #just2jam!


Here are some easy ways of boosting your game's accessibility:

  • Plain text (e.g. .txt) versions for text-to-speech apps (you can check how it sounds using free online apps like the free version of Natural Reader, to make sure it reads well)
  • Community copies and/or opt-in discounts (see this Twitter thread for a tutorial)
  • Print-friendly versions


Title font: Mayflower Antique by Dieter Steffman via 1001fonts

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A GMless game for Two Players
a roleplaying game about dragons and their riders at the end of the world
conversations long forgotten, long unread
a game of love and terror between a girl and a rusalka
An exploration of the relationship between a pilot and a mech, and how they have changed each other.
A 2 player game using strings and scissors
a game about desire, for two players
an epistolary game for two soldiers in a terrible war
a poem generator
A tarot-like game about a fallen Paladin and their Deity, and the task of reconciliation.
an asynchronous correspondence horror game about loneliness for two spacefarers
Recreating the myth of Shamhat and Enkidu, players must reconcile politics, consent, and intimacy.
Role Playing
A competitive two player card game where one of you is literally Carly Rae Jepsen in real life
A writing game for two players.
A role playing duet of love, jealousy, and revenge
A Game Of Intimate Witchcraft For You And a Friend
a 2-player digital dating-horror game about people who love the moon a little too much
a cryptid rom-com simulator for two players
Prison-break tabletop RPG for two people using a Monopoly board
a 2 player game about dating demons.
The Story Of Your Friendship With a 60,000 Year Old Woman
Role Playing
A game to play with your cat & a suitcase!
A 2-Player RPG of Fast Cars, Desperate Arguments, and Getting Out Of This Town.
nemeses who once loved each other
A two-player RPG about inevitability
New Desire for 2 Queers
how far are you willing to go?
A storytelling game about the relationship between two immortals split between heaven and hell
a 2 player game about gambling with demons.
we swim, we talk, we go to war
The Story Of a Relationship On Its Own Terms
A game about marriage (and possibly love) for two players
Role Playing
"Most Innovative" nominee for the 2019 IGDN Indie Groundbreaker Awards!
Resist becoming one of Them and find your way home
200 word LARP of anti-fascist makeouts
The struggle between human and goose
Robot girlfriends across the battle-line
a two-player game about mutual pining, being apart, and writing love letters that you’ll never send
You just discovered your lover is secretly your mech-pilot rival!
a 2 player game about making demons do your work.
A nightlifer tries to escape Death. Will they do so forever?
a 2-player play-by-audio game where you are same character, in parallel worlds
A two-player RPG of lost relationships and public reunions.