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I am running this game jam in assocation with my 21st birthday and my Birthday Livestream [Details Here] where we will be raising money for Special Effect!

This jam is not serious or anything. Consider it a birthday gift from you to me. <3

You can create whatever you'd like - a graphic, a screensaver, or a game.

I will be checking them out on my livestream towards the end of it. Please consider checking out the livestream that day and such. :)

Optional Theme: Birthday & Jupiter (meaning me (the person) or the planet. Whichever)

Rules: There isn't really any. Don't make something offensive or racist or anything. Have fun. <3

Hashtag: #JupiBdayJam

If you'd like my logo (normal version, pixel version, or pastel version) email me or poke me on twitter.

If you have any questions, hit me up on twitter.

Also, I use this font for loads of things.


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How many birthdays will you enjoy?
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Create a uniquely magnificent and magical cupcake and generate a picture of it!
A small, side-scrolling shoot 'em up made in PICO-8 for Jupiter Hadley's Birthday Jam.
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The game made just for you
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Get everything ready before Jupiter arrives!
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Happy bird day
A game for Jupiter Hadley's Birthday Jam
A birthday game for Jupiter Hadley
vidéo game with cool effect :)
2d side flapper
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Jupi's birthday edition of "Keys"
A short arkanoid game.