This jam is now over. It ran from 2018-06-01 07:00:00 to 2018-08-10 07:00:00. View results


During the voting period, you may only update your game to fix bugs, NO CONTENT UPDATES please. :)

Wondering if you can join in the middle of the jam?

Of course you can! Its a two month long jam!


Here's the link to the discord server! Please make sure to check up on things here, while we do put major updates on emails and the community, we do a lot of talking on here and brainstorming! Also, if you for a team, we give you your own channel! :) Theres just so much more info on here. Lastly, the faq is extended much more in here. 

I highly recommend   every participant joins.

Now, time for the Jam!



A metroidvania is a subgenre of action-adventure games! Many Metroidvanias are a combination of platform video game elements with action-adventure/RPG elements. Usually, the character is able to explore freely with access to new areas controlled by gaining of new abilities and/or through the use of inventory items!

Cash Prize

If there are at least 10 entries, a $100 Cash prize will go to whatever person/team comes out on top during voting via Paypal.  Judges will vote on games based on certain criteria. The cash prize MIGHT move up to $150 depending on the amount of entries that are submitted.

• Ability to explore (And area size)

• Music

• Plot Effort


  • Be nice on the community forum/discord
  • Don't stress out too much! Make sure to have fun! You have 2 months!
  • Make sure to go with the theme... or else there'd be no point in joining the jam y'know?
  • No small demos! (Please) Full games only :) 
  • NSFW is allowed (Don't know why you would need it for a Metroidvania) but try to limit it.
  • If your entry does not follow the theme, or is a prototype, it won't be qualified for voting.


I'll be adding on to this as questions are asked.

Is there a subtheme?

• No! Just want developers to work with the subgenre of Metroidvania

Can we use existing code and assets?

• Yes you can!

Are teams allowed?

• Yes they are

What are some examples of a Metroidvania

• Castlevania series 

• Metroid Prime

• Darksiders! 


Want a team for the jam? Check out the crowdforge page for the jam! 

And the discord as well! :)


Metroidvania's are one of my favorite genre (or subgenre) of videogames.  I've played multiple Castlevanias and both Darksider games (Waiting for 3!). The idea to host a Metroidvania Jam with a cash prize was created by a friend( The MinhiNator) and I.

The June to July Metroidvania Jam idea was employed to encourage developers to produce more Metroidvanias on The cash prize was created as an incentive to younger developers to produce more games as well. 

(I do not own the cover picture or background)

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Don Megahertz. A 2D platform game.
Game made for Metroidvania Jam
Metroidvania created for the June to July Metroidvania jam.
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Guide hurr through a castle to locate 6 chidren who went missing recently
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Metroidvania Jam Entry