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NOTE: This is the UNOFFICIAL submission page for Junction Game Jam track projects. Please submit your project to BOTH here and Devpost. The jam "deadline" is set here +1 hour from the OFFICIAL deadline so you have time to submit your games on this page too.

Anyone participating in the Junction 2017 Game Jam track, please submit your games to this jam, so other teams and people interested in the event can find and play your games!

Also please include a link to your submission on Devpost, the official judging platform for Junction.

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Bloodthirsty orcas, flamethrowers and melting ground - Enter the penguin game of thrones
Feel your way to the core of the earth.
Melt the iron, bend the pole.
Competitive couch co-op, a fast paced strategy PC game where you try to stay one step ahead of melting blocks.
Hectic 1 vs 1 yeti action on a melting ice field!
Help Pengu the Penguin save his igloo
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Escape the fire
A web-based party game for up to eight players. Save your candle by answering prompts on your device!
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