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JumpJam! Keynote:

JumpJam! Modifier List (Choose One or More!)

Just Jump - Your game only uses one button as a method of input.

The Sky - is not the Limit Your game's objective is to jump as high as possible.

Gravity Sucks - Your game's gravity is constantly changing.

Newton's Law - Your game is set in a world where it is illegal to jump.

Anyone can Jump - Your game can be played by multiple people and anyone can join at any time.

You Only Get One Jump - Your game only allows one jump and then the rest of it plays out based on that ONE, DEFINING JUMP.

Jump to the Beat - Your game is based around music and rhythm.

Jumpupublic - Your game's assets (art, sound, etc) are all from the public domain.

Springboard - Your game uses a physical board as part of the experience.

Perpetual Bouncing - Your game's character is constantly jumping and cannot stop. SOMEBODY HELP HIM.

Jumping is Hard - Your game's difficulty increases every time the player jumps.

Hooke's Law - Your game's primary mechanic makes of simulated springs.


Jumping is an expression of joy in humans, we do it because it's fun! Jumping is also very important because it helps us accomplish goals in games:

  • Jumping on enemies and smashing blocks in Super Mario Bros
  • Bouncing around to avoid attacks in Quake (a technique called "bunny-hopping")
  • Leaping across buildings as fast as you can in Canabalt
  • Hopping over deadly traps in the gravity-defying VVVVVV
  • Skipping merrily along the winding roads of Azeroth in World Of Warcraft

To celebrate this gloriously enjoyable method of transportation, we're running a game jam! The first ever game jam hosted by The National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham! It's going to be all about jumping!

We hope to show some of the best entries at The National Videogame Arcade alongside the Jump! exhibition.

Come back to this page on the 28th of March around 10:30am to see the keynote video by Sean Oxspring and also the list of modifiers that you can choose for this jam!

If you would like to know more about the jam or if you want to run a site for this game jam then please email Sean at and he'll get back to you as soon as possible!

  • Teams of up to five people
  • No restrictions on engines
  • If you want the game to be shown at the Arcade then it needs to be family friendly!
  • Every game should include at least one of the modifiers that will be released on the Saturday morning at 10:30am
  • All games must be uploaded to the page by 4:00pm on the Sunday
  • Development should only take place between 10:30am on Saturday and 4:00pm on Sunday
  • All decisions made by the organizers are final and non-negotiable.

If you want to participate in JumpJam! please register here!


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Its about jumping, bees, and a man who likes bees.
Infintite ninja bank heist runner
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Jump! , Jump! and Jump!
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Simple arcade game with collectables
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Just keep bouncing
What goats up must come down
2.5D game, Cops, Tags, UpBeat, Platformer