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Welcome to Jumbled Up July! The jam where the only rule is to make a game with a physical component that isn't dice or cards! 

Why? And why is it all jumbled up? Well, the spirit of the jam is to look around you, at the things you have neatly/haphazardly placed in your home, and see what games you could make out of them. Get weird! Get hyper-specific! Find a fun use for that thing collecting dust in your cabinet!

Need some ideas? Here's a handy list of stuff that you might decide to use! These are just suggestions of course, feel free to come up with objects on your own, or use this list as a springboard.

  1. Toothbrush (paste optional)
  2. Tea or coffee pot
  3. Knucklebones for jacks
  4. Knitting needles (yarn NOT optional)
  5. Juggling balls (or clubs, or knives)
  6. Yoyo
  7. Manila folder
  8. Frisbee
  9. Wishbone
  10. Origami
  11. Musical instrument (castanets, ocarina, bagpipes, kazoo, melodica, etc.)
  12. Checkers
  13. Frying pan
  14. Crayons
  15. Scarf
  16. Scissors
  17. Balloons
  18. Sunglasses
  19. Cherries
  20. Hair

And we have a few completely optional challenges if you'd like to try your hand at those!

CHALLENGE MODE: I Really Need To Roll Dice
Alright, just this once, roll a d20. Whatever number comes up is what thing from the handy list of stuff you should include in your game. Or don't, no pressure. And reroll as much as you want!

Are you ready? Can you include not one, not two, but three things from the handy list of stuff into your game? Pick freely!

CHALLENGE MODE: I Really Really Really Need To Roll Dice
Once wasn't enough? Roll a d20 three times, reroll any number that comes up twice. Those are your three items. And no rerolling!! 

As always, please remember that pricing a submission is totally up to the designer, and we believe that your games are worth money. And worthwhile whether they make money or not!

You can direct any questions to me @takuma_okada_ on Twitter!

This game jam is hosted by the RPG Design Friends as part of Twelve Months Twelve Jams (#12jam). We stand for inclusion, diversity, and community, and seek to foster game design that support those things. While this jam invites creators from all ages, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds to participate, we aim to amplify the voices of creators of color, black creators, and LGBT+ game designers of any and all experience levels.  

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a character creation game that makes you clean your room
A heist game where you count as a small gang
A short game of brewing potions and flower gathering
A larp about the cruel whims of Poseidon
A game about crochet and family.
a game of knights and beasts.
A solo origami game about transforming into a beautiful bird
A game of spin the bottle and love letters
a two-player game over tea
A game of fragrant infusions and fragile friendships
GM-less game for inventing and solving a mystery
A 2 player game using strings and scissors
A game of unfolding personalities.
A two player game about ruining tea.
You and a crew carry out a plan to depose a terrible monarch.
A physical game of sugar cubes and vying for royalty
psychic wars + coin flipping