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Juicy Time :O 

Welcome to the juicy jam!!! Just sit back, relax, and make some games! Everyone is welcome!  If you need any help feel free to ask in the discord (link below;3) I hope you enjoy yourself and have a great time! ^^ 

 Theme :3 

 The Theme Is: Jiggle


  • No Direct NSFW (inuendoes are fine and dandy tho ;3)
  • All projects with mature themes or containing blood, gore, or violence must come with a disclaimer!
  • Teams can not have over 100 people (Unless there is another team with 100 people) [In the case of 2 teams having more than 100 people double jeopardy will be initiated, secret roles on the discord server, secret rooms, and more will all be released]
  • You can update your game until the submission period is finished. (If there is a bug that breaks or makes your game unplayable reach out to me and I will allow you to fix it)
  • The game must be made within the given time!
  • You can use assets and code as long as you have the right to use them.
  • Have fun and be nice :3

Rating & Rewards ^^

  1. Theme- How well the theme is incorporated into your game, it doesn't have to make up the entire game but it should be quite noticeable.
  2. Fun/Enjoyment- How fun the game was to play
  3. Sound/Music- Did the sounds work well with the game, did any music added, add to the immersion?  (You don't need sounds or music if the game doesn't have either just put it as 3-4 stars)
  4. Look/Feel- How smoothly do the gameplay/level layout and art. (I don't want you to judge people on how good their art is but how well the games art and levels fit together)
  5. Was it juicy? - WELL?? WAS IT JUICY OR NOT??

And now... for the things everyone wants!!! Prizes >O<

First Place - $20 + Featured Game + Youtube Video

Second Place - Featured Game + Youtube Video
Third-5th Place - Featured Youtube Video





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Puzzle Hacking Action!
Establish a stable immune defense in each organ to prevent fatal symptoms :)
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Tower of defense