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Welcome to the second edition of the Juicy Jam, where the goal is to make the juiciest game possible!

But what's all that juice about? Well, a juicy game is a game where you're getting rewarded for doing cool things, and/or when every interaction is satisfying. It's all about satisfaction.

Check out the games made for Juicy Jam #1!

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The theme of the jam is: Mirrored.

The secondary theme is: Limited. 

There will be two themes: a primary one and a secondary one which is optional. The first one will be revealed when the jam will start, at 8PM GMT+2 and the optional one will be revealed the next day, May 10th, at 6PM GMT+2.

You can give ideas in our Discord server, in the #themes-ideas channel for the optional theme, and I will pick the one I prefer. 

Bear in mind that the themes are not obligatory, you can make your own thing but it is still part of the voting system. Oh yeah, there's votes.


In this jam we've added some spice to our juice, adding a ranking system! There are 5 criteria. 

  • The JUICE. It is the primary theme, so you better make something satisfying.
  • Gameplay. It's quite important after all, isn't it?
  • Graphics. Some people only swear by graphics. Crazy isn't it?
  • Sound Design. It can definitely make the juice flow.
  • Respect of the themes. Even if it's not mandatory, there's still a criterion about respecting the themes.

Good luck!


Come on and hop on our Discord! Chat with everyone, show off your skills, find teammates, ask for help, give ideas for the optional theme, anything! We're friendly, and ready to help. As long as we know how to do it. We'll be trying, alright? Join us here!

There aren't many rules, but it's better to give you a good idea of what we're waiting for.

  • The game must be JUICY. That's literally the goal of the jam.
  • Be respectful.
  • And have fun!

And that's it.


  • Who can join the jam? Anyone from anywhere, alone or in teams! Even if it's your first jam, please, come in! You'll surely not be the only one who entered a game jam for the first time, don't be afraid. We're here to help! (especially on the discord.)
  • How many people can be in a team? As much as you want! There's no limit.
  • Is there a specific game engine? No, you can make anything with anything! Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot, etc, etc. Just give us a functioning build, something to play. It must be playable on Windows or browsers.
  • Can I use premade assets? The game should be made during the jam, but we're allowing premade assets like 2D/3D models or pre-existing code. Same goes for sound design, of course.
  • Who's gonna judge my game? Everyone will! It's not only me, but you'll also be able to give your vote on all of the games! Even people who didn't participate to the jam can vote, so bring your friends over and make them play and vote on all the games! (Please, be respectful and don't just downvote games to give better votes to one game, be fair. 💧)
  • Can I make a NSFW game? Please keep it family friendly for everyone to play. If it's too much, people may downvote your game.
  • Oh no, I forgot something in my game but the countdown is over! Well, if it's a gamebreaking bug, contact the admins on discord and we'll see what we can do, otherwise please don't update your game.

Anything you make during and submit to the JUICY JAM #2 is your property.  The jam organisers claim no rights or ownership to your game.


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#Pixel_Art #Platformer #2D #Dungeon
a little city builder with a twist
Breakfaster is a runner with a mirror system. Jump, slide, dodge and do it again faster!
You control 2 players at one and you have to move to a specific place.
2d survival shooter
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Tactics with knights and lasers!
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juicy score game
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