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Think of one of your favorite  console  games. It may have a difficulty level, graphics, or other content that would not be suitable for a toddler. If you could redesign the game to be fitting for someone around the age of three, how would you portray it? What would you make the focus? What mechanics would you change completely?


1) Any resources included (sprites, models, music, etc) should be your own.

2) Spend less than a day creating your version of the game.

3) Remember to keep a childlike mindset. Have fun, and don't overthink anything.

Voting Criteria:

For the "Humor" and "Cuteness" sections, voters should consider each section from their own perspective. The "Controls" and "Fun" sections should be considered from the perspective of a 3-year-old.

Humor: The degree to which the game made you chuckle and tee-hee.

Cuteness: The degree to which the game conveys a childish atmosphere.

Controls: The degree to which the controls for the game are intuitive.

Fun:  The degree to which the game made you want to keep playing.

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