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JoJo Jam is a 48 hour game jam to make games inspired by or featuring elements from the Series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure


The theme of the jam is simple. The game must be Related to the popular shonen manga and anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Your submission can be related to any part of  the series. This can be done through several means:

  • The game features a character, item or ability from the JoJo Universe.
  • The game depicts the events from JoJo.
  • The game is artistically or thematically inspired by JoJo.

There will be a secondary theme announced at the start of the jam, but this will be completely optional. This theme will just be to help people come up with ideas if they are struggling.


  1. Projects must be created from the starting time of the jam and submitted before the Jam ends. You can begin to think of ideas for your project ahead of time, of course.
  2. Any game engine is allowed.
  3. Using bought art assets, or assets you'd made before the jam is allowed, but MUST be indicated in your submission.
  4. There is a maximum team size of 5. Please indicate everyone who worked on your project in your submission.
  5. Your project must be related to JoJo in some way.


This jam has an official discord server! Join it here:


All projects must be submitted before the jam ends. Please indicate if your submission has any JoJo spoilers.

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Jotaro's search for coffee
For Jojo gamejam by cj axisa
Jolyne's Spooky Escapade
A small game adaptation of the Highway Star fight from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Find out what happened after part 5 and before part 6 in an Alternate Universe
Interactive Fiction
JoJo Jam, KusoGameJam2020
Mista is under attack from enemy stand users! Fight them off using his Sex Pistols!
Help Jodrigo Joestar destroy the dangerous covid-19 viruses!
Fight your way to the next wave against infinite enemy stands. Can you survive?
An unlikely encounter between a Stardust Crusader and a Sailor Moon.
Visual Novel
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