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Summer vacation... For many an ALT there summer is filled with nothing to do. Well, here is a something! Many JETs quite enjoy gaming and are curious about game development. And the current humble bundle has a great game maker studio pack, making this an ideal time to read up, research and do a practice project or two before the game jam.

Our theme:

A game you would use to teach English.

This however does not mean your game needs to be obviously educational. It could be used to start discussions of a certain type. Or to be explained to students in English. Or any number of things. There is of course no penalty for not following the theme.

The rules are simple. Development starts on the 14th at the start of the day. Ends on the 27th at the end of the day. You are allowed to plan beforehand, and we accept the collecting of public domain assets if that is your plan to use them. But actual development is not allowed before the time.

The assumption is that you are a complete beginner. So enjoy yourselves and don't be too stressed!

All you have to do is make a game! It's not as scary as it sounds. And in the week and a bit leading up to it you can think about what type of game it might be, and try getting familiar with how to use your engine of choice!

"But I can't draw" Try this

"But I can't code" It's not that scary! And the GMS studio that inspired this has a GREAT community filled with people who want you to learn literally everything.

"Does it have to be a video game?"

Actually no! There is a physical game option for itch. So you could upload a PDF with the rules/materials for a physical game.

"Eww that theme" Just a starting point. Literally, anything can be used to teach English with some creative thought.

"What do I use to make it?" While this was made for the gamemaker bundle you are welcome to use whatever you like. If you enjoy JRPGs, RPG maker is a great tool despite it's limitations. If you like visual novels, ren'py is a great option, or Tyranno Builder if you are afraid of code.

"I have a question!" Great! Ask here in the comments, or the community tab.

Get out there and enjoy the wonders of game development!

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