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The #JesterJam is coming again! 

Jestercraft community game jam, hop in for some good time with fellow game developers! You can create a game in a team, or make one by yourself. Use an hour for it, or the whole time. Only rule is that you need to have fun! 

This is the THIRD #JesterJam organized by and for our community. You can check the previous submissions here:

For #JesterJam 3 the theme is: FRIENDS

Will it be a co-op game to be played with friends, on a couch, on same keyboard? Maybe it's a party game or story which has friends in it? Or maybe you're defining the word "Friendship" within the story? The choice is yours!

Join our community Discord to find a team, create your own or ask for people to join your project:

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Now it's time to play soccer with your friend
1-4 Player Local PVP Game on same keyboard
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Destroy the boulders by swinging pickaxe right and left to save your friend who is trapped underneath them.
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