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Hello, game developers this is my game jam. (btw im croatian so my spelling might be bad)

What can i use to make my game?

you can use ANYTHING to make a game (it just needs to be playable on an iPhone or windows PC)

Why should i even do it?

You choose is it for example: experience, knowlidge, FUN... The possibilities are ENDLESS


1. you can't make a game with adult topics (examples: drugs, alcholol, p*rn...)

2. no swaer words we have to keep it family frendly :)

3. no botting. If i see a lot of wierd traffic your game will not count (even if its good)

4. it needs to be digital. So no Arduino projects or board games.

Is the game jam an online game jam?

Yes, it is! because of the current virus and because i cannot travel across the planet like some other people

Who can particiapte?

Absolutley ANYONE begginer, amateur, pro