Submissions open from 2021-04-23 11:00:00 to 2021-05-03 11:00:00
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Welcome to the Jamulator, a jam for creating simulation games! Brought to you by the hosts of both LOWREZJAM and JamCraft. Your goal is to create a simulator; a game that imitates some experience or activity, the more niche and weirder the better! Some examples of simulators;

  • Vehicle sims (such as planes, cars, snowmobiles, whatever; driving, upgrading, tweaking, etc)
  • Job sims (such as farming, catering, hairdressing)
  • Management sims (such as sports, business)
  • Sandbox (physics, ecosystems)
  • Silly (animals, inanimate objects)
  • Anything else you can think of!!


  • Follow the jam concept; a simulator. The title of your game should include 'Simulator'.
  • There is no theme, in that the simulator concept alone is rather specific.
  • Game assets, unless freely available to anybody, must be created during the jam.
  • You can use code made before the jam, but it must not be something substantial (like a pre-built game demo). Using scripts & snippets is fine.
  • Any potentially unsafe or offensive content must be labeled as such. *
  • Relax and enjoy, or else we'll disqualify you IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

* You can submit any type of game. If your game is likely to offend someone with it's content, please make a note of it on the game page and if applicable the README file (offensive content could be considered as; strong language, graphic violence, etc. ) Same goes for medical notices (flashing images, etc).


  • When do I start making the game? When the jam starts, though feel free to discuss ideas beforehand.
  • Can I work in a team? Yes. As many people as you like.
  • Can I submit more than one game? You can try,
  • Can I use someone else's assets? Only if they're made for you during the jam by a team mate, or are freely available for anyone.
  • What if I miss the deadline? You can still submit late entries, but you have to contact us personally, with a link to your game page. *
  • I'm in a team, can my team rate other games as well? Yes. Just make sure they're listed as Contributors on your game.

* The best way to contact us is on Discord. Twitter is also fine. If you post in the Community forum of this jam, then please leave a way to contact you back. The way late submissions work is that you upload your game, send us the link to the game page, and then we can submit it and send you back a confirmation link.