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Jamoween is back for it's 3rd outing!

The Seventh Game Jam from Indie Game Squad!

This annual Game Jam will be held over an 8 day period, or if you prefer 192 hours, starting at 2pm (BST) on Friday the 21st of October and closing on Saturday the 29th October with all entries needing to be submitted by 2pm (BST, there is a 2 hour hot fix window once the deadline hits). Once submissions have closed you will have until 2pm on Sunday the 30th of October to play and vote on all of the other entries.

Entries will remain hidden until the submission deadline at 4pm on the 29th.

Your entry will be judged by other entrants on game play, originality, 'does it fit the theme', sounds / music and art assets.

What does the winning team get? Well, they get bragging rights of course! And maybe some sort of a trophy... we'll see.

The Rules

  • You may only make your game within the time frame, updates are allowed after the game has been submitted up until the deadline.
  • No harassment of any kind.
  • Keep game content clean. No nsfw content, offensive content, excessive gore/violence.
  • We'd prefer you make all assets during the jam. If you do have to use assets from outside of the jam just let us know when you submit your entry.
  • No spam entries, this is where you post an entry to loads of jams at the same time, entering a game to a couple of jams at the same time might work work but c'mon, spamming entries ain't gonna work for us.
  • Read the rules. Not reading the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.
  • Have fun

Any games that do not follow these rules may be removed from the jam.

Get Social

We'll be streaming the entries on Twitch after submission and play testing them all. So you can find the stream at when the time comes.

Join us on the Indie Game Squad discord server Game Jam channel  

Or find us on   Twitter    and    Instagram

The Theme

The theme of the jam will be provided by variety streamer and lover of games from all decades, Pedro Panache and will be announced... on the day of the jam at 2pm (see it first announced on  Stikkz's channel, stream starting around 1.30pm... TBC) !

" Your Worst Fears and Nightmares "

Get jamming and good luck!


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First person horror. Escape and fight your worse fears.
You hear it coming from below you... Climb you fool!!
Be the dentist for the day
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Made for Jamoween 3, a short game about the dangers of the big blue.
A game created for Jamoween 3
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