Submissions open from 2022-07-09 18:00:00 to 2022-07-17 03:59:59
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Welcome to Jammin - a yearly game jam that's all about putting Caribbean talent towards game development. Whether you're from the Caribbean, live in the Caribbean, or are part of a diaspora community - we want you working on the next cool game idea!

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Will be announced when the jam starts!


The top three entrants will get prizes! Monetary prizes are in USD and will be sent as Amazon gift cards for simplicity.

  1. First prize - $100 + Something cool for game devs :-)
  2. Second prize - $50
  3. Third prize - $25


  • This game jam is for those living in the Caribbean. We're also open to Caribbean diaspora, wherever you are! If you don't fall in those categories, you can still participate. However, you won't qualify for any prizes. If you place in the top 3, the prize will go to the next ranked Caribbean dev/team
  • All work must be completely original for this jam
  • Going solo? Working as a team? We don't mind either!
  • You can submit multiple times, the more games being made the happier we are :-D
  • Aside from a name, ensure your entries got instructions on how to play. It's super cool to share your source code too
  • If you're using pre-made assets make sure you have permission to use them!
    • Check the license and copyright
    • Give credit if needed. If not needed, consider giving credit because it's a nice thing to do
  • No new submissions or updates are allowed when the judging period has started.  We'll make an exception if the update fixes game breaking bugs. Notify admins first before updating.
  • No NSFW content allowed!
  • No form of harassment or discrimination will be tolerated during this jam
  • All submissions must come through 
  • All games must be free to play, any option to receive money can be enabled after the jam is over

Judging Criteria

Games will be ranked with these criteria (in no order):

  • Fun factor
  • Creativity - Use of Theme and Originality
  • Presentation - Graphics and Sound

What can I use to build it?

Anything! We don't care. Unity, Godot, Unreal,  Assembly, Game Maker, Phaser,  LÖVE,  - once you got a playable game it's all good. Follow your heart! And feel free to ask for advice on the Discord channel.

Try  to export to the major desktop/mobile platforms as you can. HTML5 exports allow for almost anyone to play your game!

How do I actually make a game for this jam?

The old adage holds true - different strokes for different folks. However, given that it's only a week long, time management is key! Plan for about 2 days of work out of the 7, see what the essential things are. If things roll over, you got 5 more days so you should be OK! If you accomplish your MVP, then great, you can spice it up in another 1/2 day iteration! The best advice is to work on the most important things so that you have a working game as soon as possible.

Also, take note of the criteria Cater for all facets of your game in the project's time frame!


Looking for team members? Want some advice? Got a complaint to get your chest? No one would get you better than other game developers, it also wouldn't hurt to say hi!

Join the Jammin Discord community!

Don't forget to share! Whether your game is in progress or completed,  drop a tweet with #Jammin2022.