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Let's kick off Caribbean Developers' Developer Month (so redundant right?) with some coding and playing fun!  This is a 2 week game jam for all developers living in the Caribbean.


Growth! Our developer community is growing, the presence of tech in the region is growing, and so is something in your game! Feel free to interpret it however you'd like to.


Looking for team members? Want some advice? Got a complaint to get your chest? No one would get you better than other game developers, it won't hurt to say hi!

Join the Jammin Discord community!


  • All work must be completely original for this jam
  • Going solo? Working as a team? We don't mind either!
  • You can submit multiple times, the more games being made the happier we are :-D
  • All submissions must link to the game's source code!
  • Aside from a name, ensure your entries got instructions on how to play
  • If you're using pre-made assets make sure you got permission to use them!
    • Check the license and copyright
    • Give credit if needed. If not needed, consider giving credit because it's a nice thing to do!
  • No new submissions or updates are allowed when the judging period has started
  • If you have NSFW content, please explicitly say so 
  • No harassment or discrimination will be tolerated during this jam
  • All submissions must come through 

What can I use to build it?

Anything! We're open minded. Assembly, Game Maker, Phaser,  LÖVE, Unity, Godot, Unreal  - once you got a playable game it's all good. Follow your heart! And feel free to ask for advice on the Discord channel.

Judging Criteria

Transaparency is the name of the game! Judges will rank submissions on these criteria (in no order):

  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Theme Interpretation
  • Originality

Don't forget to share! Whether your game is in progress or completed,  drop a tweet with #Jammin2019.

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Eat. Explore. Grow.
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Tales from an undocumented immigrant.
Interactive Fiction
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Pollinate flowers and make them grow!
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