This jam is now over. It ran from 2022-09-21 13:00:00 to 2022-09-23 13:00:00. View results

JamIsland was a GameJam embedded in Schmiede2022.
Lasting for 48 hours, the goal of JamIsland was to provide a playground for afficionados and enthusiasts alike to experiment and try new things revolving around games and interactive media. With 'learning by doing' being the core motivation for GameJams, the fun part is that they always result in finished games by the end of it! Get a specific topic, storm your brain for ideas and jump right into creative development, no further limitations involved! Timetable: On Wednesday, 21st of September the topic was democratically chosen to be "Eat Your Friends", followed by team finding as well as workshops on how to create games and ideas for games.

The production phase came to an end on Friday, 23rd of September with a short exhibition of all created games.


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Two lovers got stuck while kissing, don't get swallowed by your partner!
A good burger with a pinch of brain and leg
Snake - but multitasking...
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Eat your friends!