This jam is now over. It ran from 2017-07-08 02:00:00 to 2017-07-10 02:00:00. View results

Thank you to all that took place in this Jamingtons! We didnt get one bad submission, 48 hrs seems to be the sweet spot!
We hope you can all join us again in september for jamingtons v3.0!
Im currently uploading some of the videos i recorded while playing your games for the 1st time :)

The Winners and Runners Up of Jamingtons v2.0 are as follows!!!!!


#1 Disco Circles
#3 Doughnut Dearest

Runners Up!

#1 Neon Looper
#2 Cropped
#3 Circle Chaos

Thank you again to all of you! we had fun playing every submission! and cant wait to see what you make next.

Jamingtons is a public game jam, open to all ages and engines.


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    • Please NO nsfw games, any submitted will not be able to be featured on the website.
    • All work submitted must be completed with in jam hours.
    • You can take place no matter where you live.
    • Teams between 1-5 members max.
    • 48 hour time frame to complete submissions.


    • All submitted works are fully owned by their creators, tho Onerat retains rights to share screenshots of any submitted projects.
    • The theme does NOT need to be followed but doing so will result in extra points.
    • Online or in person.
    • Individuals can just join on this page but teams should have each member join on this page, along with one member filling in this form
    • If you are attending the jam in person at LAN-slide Melbourne you need to register for a seat at on the LAN-slide site.
    • Also if you are attending LAN-slide note that LAN-slide is 24 hours and you'll need to return home for the last 26 hours of the jam.

To have input on the jam or have any questions visit:

More details and theme coming soon. Hosted by:


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Doughnut-Based Physics-Based Platformer
Crop Circles, Aliens, Conspiracies, what more could you want!
Jamingtons 2.0
It's taxi driving... IN SPAAAAACE!
Color swapping puzzle game
You're a mad scientist that believes the Earth just looks better when it's flat.
An arcade game made for the Jammingtons game jam v2
A game where Cubes invade the world of circle, Defend your planet !
Enjoy this new twist on Pong
No-gravity item-collecting maze
A small game in which you try to eat all jellyfish without getting killed.
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Returning from an off planet mission, almost out of fuel. Enough for one final boost
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