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This is a jam focused on the legends of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and all other characters found in the classical Arthuriana. This jam does not discriminate between different eras of the King Arthur mythos so use any source you like from the original Celtic Myths of that movie Quest for Camelot as your inspiration.  This will be a ranked jam to try and encourage folks to try each other's projects and spread the word, the twelve highest rated entries will be featured on the the jam page as Knights of the Round Table. Entrants are encouraged however to set a price for their game after the voting period ends.


  • This is a Table-Top Game Jam, video games, short fiction, and visual novels will not be considered.
  • No Racism, Sexism, Ableism, or Homophobia will be tolerated, creators should put warnings in their game if any of these subjects will be touched upon.
  • Any art used should be credited to the artist, art made with Midjourney or other AI programs will disqualify projects from participation

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"The Last Sleep of Arthur in Avalon" Edward Burne-Jones, Scanned by Christopher Wood, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

"Edyrn with His Lady and Dwarf Journey to Arthur's Court" Gustave Doré


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a micro solo rpg about being a knight of the round table
Become Knights of the Round Table on a holy quest for the soul of Camelot!
A 1-page TTRPG based on Blackjack where you play a Knight of the Round Table on a quest to find a houseplant
A journaling game of epic deeds using the Princess Sword system.