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I tend to find that enjoyable tycoon games are hard to come across, at least in my personal opinion. Where some people enjoy playing hours upon hours of Rollercoaster Tycoon, Football Manager, and The Sims. I've always been more drawn to games like Game Dev Tycoon, YouTuber's Life, and AdVenture Capitalist, lots of replayability, customization, and choices to do what you want.

This jam is about bringing out the ideas and possibilities of simulation/tycoon games and adding more to what's out there. Developers are recommended to try and think of fun, unique game mechanics and interesting settings. Some examples may be: An AdVenture Capitalist inspired Dungeon Manager where you kill adventurer's who have decided to take on your lair, and hire monsters or create traps to beat them for you.

Or a tycoon game where you play a writer who has to tackle getting their work out there and recognised, they could write books, blog posts, or fan-fiction. They might have to spend time advertising and interacting with people, or kiss ass to more popular writers to get noticed, all in a YouTuber's Life style gameplay.

Hell if you wanted you could be a demon running the underworld and you have to make areas for different types of sinners, punishing them appropriately, if you do a bad job people might try to rebel.

The possibilities are endless and I can't wait to see and play what people come up with!


  • Must be a game under the genre of Simulation, with preference for Tycoon-style games.
  • New games only, however feel free to use something that you've been working on for a while that hasn't been finished.
  • NSFW games are allowed, both partially and explicit, however they must be marked appropriately as according to the submission guidelines.

There will be a plethora of categories for which games can win.


  • Most Original - The game with the most original concept and mechanics.
  • Best Story - The game with the best story.
  • Best Gameplay - The game with the most enjoyable gameplay.
  • Most Enjoyably Hateable - The game whose gameplay is extremely frustrating to a point where it's still enjoyable.
  • Best Clone - The best game that is an obvious clone of another game, recreated in a unique and ironic way. Satire is not required but is advised. (Rated by the Inspired criteria)
  • Overall Best - The overall best game submitted.
  • Best NSFW - The best game with adult and/or not safe for work themes. Must be marked accordingly.
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