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Genres of Old that long withered away...

Are now getting a new life in this game jam!

Jam-Re Vival (Get it?) is a game jam that will be hosted from the 16th to the 22nd of March with the basic premise of creating a game belonging to a genre that - mostly - has faded into obscurity. Other than that basic guideline, your games are free to be whatever, telling a story about anyone, exploring anything your heart desires.

Da Rules:

  • Use content created by yourself and/or content available for free to use without any royalties. Give appropriate credit.
  • While creativity is encouraged and will be rewarded, please try to stick to the genre.
  • NSFW content is allowed but should be marked as such.
  • No team restrictions; but the game should be uploaded by one user.


Optional challanges that will result in a <slightly> increased score.

  1. Make the "P" button cause everything to fucking explode
  2. Give someone/something a tophat
  3. do NOT utilize the Letter "A"
  4. ------------------------------------
  5. Both Day and Night featured

For better cordination, real-time community interaction and getting the theme in the lightning-fast speed of ((when announced)), i suggest you join the Jam's Dedicated Bloated Personal Franchise discord Server!

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The Finnish Tower Defense
Tileset and Wizard Sprite by Pipoya
The Scourge overtook the world. Those whom fell to the sickness rush to Scourge Town.