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We offer an original format, a jam and an exhibition!

Organised as part of Paris Nuit Blanche, this is an opportunity to create games and expose to the public! The theme of the weekend is empathy!

The Gamelier and CRI provide the yum, lounge, fablab and CRI Gamelab prototyping equipment.

See you Friday, October 2! Address: CRI 8-10 rue Charles V, 75004 Paris

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An epic adventure around the emptyness.
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Narrativ - Game Jam - Une histoire interactive où l'on va dans la tête des gens après le viol d'une jeune femme
Interactive Fiction
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#jamnuitblanche #empathy #horror #comedy
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You must make the character smile in front of you with your hand movements (LeapMotion) or your microphone
A fun local multiplayer game with cute bunnies (or with bots if you're lonely)
A game where you make tea for two, one player is mute and the other blind
Your goal is to increase the pigeon population by feeding them.
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Have you already played a one character game with more than one player ? Try it on
Jeu de simulation de partie politique sur navigateur