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Why is it that kids have the best ideas but the worst games to play? For the next two full weeks, we're jamming on absolutely anything a kid might like to play. Make it with any tools you like to work with in the format of your choosing. Shoot for accessibility. 

This does not have to be educational but keep it kid-appropriate, please and thanks. 

Parents: Do not assume anyone has kept anything kid appropriate. As with everything always, check it out before you put it in front of little eyes. 

Need help with topics? Here are some things my 4-year-old loves:

  • Trains
  • Animals
  • Bubbles
  • Letters and Numbers
  • Spaceships
  • Airplanes
  • Racecars
  • Answering the door whether I want to talk to the person on the other side or not
  • Climbing on things and people
  • Musical instruments

But you don't have to take my kid's word for it. Work with ideas from your kids, other people's kids, or think up random stuff in your brain that you think kids would like--they probably will!


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A surprise eggs machine for kids browser playable and 100% safe
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The train is little. The challenge is big.
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