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Hey folks! "Jam, Baby, Jam!" is a game jam for the IdleThumbs/GamesDoneNick community, run primarily on Twitch & Discord.
Previously, we had a Wizard Jam created for the IdleThumbs podcast but after 10 beautiful iterations, the jam has joined the podcast in taking a long slumber.
We are back to bring that same chill, friendly dot gobblin' vibe to a new community with some little tweaks here and there.
If you enjoyed WizJam or the Thumbs or their other casts like Important If True, you should have a good time making games with us :)

Everyone is encouraged to work however they want over the 3 weeks of the jam, either teaming up together or going solo! Contributions can be as large or as small as folks feel comfortable with.

Games don't all have to be Windows downloads either, creations can (and should) come in all shapes in sizes!
Ideas for esoteric submissions include: VR games or experiences, "print & play" board or card games, interactive fiction made with Twine or Ink or other tools, levels or modes in a game like Minecraft or Roblox, really anything!
Just so long as it's easy for Nick and others to play your stuff live on stream.

Game names and genres are loose as well, experimentation is highly encouraged, try new software! Try new media!
No stress, no worries; just good vibes & pals.

Our official Themes for this jam will all come from different lines in the trailer for Nick's channel, made by the excellent Derek Lieu



April 1-24 make a game!

April 25 don't forget to submit your game on this page! late submissions can be added if you message me but... pwease.

April 26-31 test your game, test your friends' games, make fixes


Pencils down, streams up! Nick finds a time to stream jam games on Twitch and everyone else is encouraged to stream on Discord, Twitch, YouTube, whatever! Play everything!!!

Inspiration & Links

 Support Nick & join the Discord

 IdleThumbs - Twitch

 Idle Thumbs - YouTube

 IdleThumbs - .NET

 Games Done Nick VOD Archive

Full list of Themes

  • We’re on world record pace
  • Not everyone runs this category

  • Hi, my name’s Nick Breckon!

  • I’ve never clicked this button

  • Yeah! I’m Luke Skywalker, yeah!

  • Open the door, you coward!

  • Join us for the madness

  • Oh no the engine’s too big

  • Join us for the hubris

  • I live on the edge!

  • Toby, who you may see

  • Toby, get out of there!

  • This part’s not gonna be used

  • Ready for the knowledge

  • This is how you take pictures

  • You take a lot of pictures

  • Isn’t that how you take pictures?

  • I don’t like being that big!

  • This is a much better size for my face

  • This should be censored.


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relaxing fishing game
>Eliminate all instances of Similar Faced AI Brains (JAM GAME)
A never-ending acrobatic hack 'n slash featuring a cyborg scorpion boss battle.
Play in browser
shoot targets in a liminal desert
Action Platformer
A short adventure in a world of isolation.
A twin stick shooter for Pico 8. Made for Jam, Baby, Jam! 2021
Play in browser
A prototype made for Jam, Baby, Jam
Castlevania-like lore burning adventure.
a little fighting game between Luke and Vader