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Welcome to the Interactive Experience Game Jam of 2017!

Pacific Science Center and AIE are partnering up for the first ever Game Jam focused on creating highly interactive experiences around a Pacific Science Center theme. IEGJ 2017 begins with a 7:00 pm kick-off on Friday, November 3rd and runs through 7:00pm on Sunday, November 5th. IEGJ will take place at the Pacific Science Center, filling the hallowed halls that the Terracotta Warriors recently departed, in other words, jamming in the shadow of awesome history.

Jam Theme

"What is reality?"

Important Links

Rules and Guidelines

  • Be courteous to your fellow jammers, staffers, and other patrons of the science center!
    • Bring deodorant! Toothbrushes! Toothpaste!
    • Treat everyone with respect and kindness.
    • Clean up your own messes; don't leave trash and spills laying about.
    • Be mindful of where your belongings are! (don't steal things!)
  • Bring any sleeping gear you need.
    • Spaces for "passing out" will be provided as they are made available.
  • Stay in touch with your teammates!
    • Communicate when you'll be leaving and returning.
    • Help each other out with problems or roadblocks that you may encounter while jamming.


Here's a brief overview of how things will be going:

  • Friday, November 3rd
    • 5PM-7PM // Load-in equipment and check-in
    • 7PM // Kick-off and announcements
    • 8PM // Start jamming!
  • Saturday, November 4th
  • Sunday, November 5th
    • 4PM // STOP JAMMING! (Start uploading!)
    • 5PM // Submission Deadline!
    • 5PM-7PM // Presentations and Judging
    • Go Home!

The Pacific Science Center will be open to the public for regular operations from 10am to 6pm which will overlap with jamming hours.

Judging and Criteria

Your experiences will be critiqued by a panel composed of special guests who have volunteered their time for us at the end of the jamming period. They will select one team that best exemplifies the following criteria items.

  • Theme
    • How well does the experience suit the spirit of the theme?
    • How does it attempt to answer or explore the theme in a meaningful way?
  • Novelty
    • Is the experience presented in a clever or original manner?
  • Experience
    • Is the experience beautiful, easy to use, intuitive, user friendly, and polished?

Winners will receive Feature Film IMAX tickets to IMAX theatres located on the Pacific Science Center campus. 


If you have any other questions, please ask the nearest available organizer or contact Daniel Rother by calling +1-201-450-7747 or via e-mail at

Thank You for Jamming! :)


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