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It is up to us to decide the fate of this game jam (and by us I mean you). I want to see superhero games, and if you joined this game jam I should expect the best you can do (because I know you are capable) . So, give me a game full of action and a bit of suspense, a good story too. MOST OF ALL make it your best.

Here are a few rules:

  1. Games must involve a superhero or villain (or both).
  2. All sub-genres will be accepted, I just would like the main character to be a hero or villain
  3. Keep game rated PG-13, at least if you would like me to feature the game on my blog. 
  4. Try and have ice cream, it tastes good (unless your lactose intolerant, then have an ice). 
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A hero that rides a motorcycle at the start, in story, but nowhere else.
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Interactive Fiction
What's better than Sonic's sister?