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Hi! I'm your host, MimirollCookie Speaking behalf of Pastelle Studios! And I'm here to host this jam, Item End Jam!! Before you join, read the following. :)

What is Item End Jam?

Item End Jam is a jam that acquires games to have true endings that acquires to find items and have special meaning to it. This is an example that I am talking about. :

-A girl hated a boy because of something, but the boy didn't seem to remember it. Soon he founds out that the girl is her childhood friend and the boy broke the music box that the girl gave her.

It can be a book, a key or nothing fancy. :D

Did you get it? Now that you got the idea, enjoy. :D

When will I start making the game?

You can start making the game when April 9 strikes!

- You can also start the assets when April starts. :)

How can I join?

Just make your game and submit!!

What my prize? >:)

Nothing fancy. The gratitude of finishing the game! Rejoice! But I, your host, will be picking myself the best game. :D

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