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Welcome to the ISB Game Development Club's first game jam. A game jam is a short game development competition. This is intended to give you a deadline for your space invaders project. Try to make as much progress as possible. We don't necessarily require a final product; however, we do expect a playable product. When you submit your game make sure that it is either a Mac build or an HTML game embedded on your game page. You have about one month to actually make this game. Its really not a lot of time! Please don't overscope your project!

The theme for this game jam is "Space Invaders... but better!". The goal of this jam is to have you attempt to make something. It doesn't really matter if its finished, all that matters is that you learn as much as you can and you have fun. Here is a video of space invaders for reference.

Extra Credit: Create a meaningful game. Something important, beautiful, wholesome, and worthwhile to play. 

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allen the alien
Press Ctrl to fire
Fight colors with colors
Play in browser
An RTS version of Space Invader, for Mac.