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hi! this is a just-for-fun jam about coming up with new ways to make decisions and/or magically discover hidden knowledge. i've made an example submission here. i'm really interested to see what kinds of things other people come up with. the page in the example submission about divination in general isn't required, but if there are enough responses i'd like to gather them into a single collection with accompanying commentary from the authors of each system (or those that have anything they want to say)*.

i've made a discord here in case anyone wants to talk about the jam.

* such a collection would be public-domain, so if you'd like your submission to be part of that it will need to be placed in the public domain too (ie. no copyright or licensing) - i have nothing against people using intellectual property to make a living, but i'd rather not involve it in anything i work on in my spare time. if it happens i'll send it to all the people involved before releasing for any changes anyone wants. note that personally i don't believe in any supernatural aspect to divination, and that position may well come across in the framing.


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Let your path show you your destination. A transit divination game.