Submissions open from 2019-10-01 07:00:00 to 2019-10-31 07:00:00
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CONCEPT: Use any or all Inktober prompts to create interactive art / games.

Possible ways to apply the prompts:

  • Make a single game over the duration of October. Use the Inktober prompts as inspiration for what to add, or work on, each day.
  • Make roughly 1 game per week in October. To decide each game's theme or mechanics, use 1 or more of the prompts from each "week" (Since 31 prompts can't be evenly divided, let's just say each week has 7-9 prompts to pick from. You decide how to split that up!).
  • Make 31 **TINY** games or interactive art pieces. (itchio allows one to submit multiple games on their profile to a game jam, or you could put 31 mini-games in the same file all at once.) This route works best for folks with prior game jam experience because it can be very easy to overscope. Thus the emphasis on **TINY.**

Actual rules:

  • Let yourself enjoy being creative! Don't be competitive!
  • ANY type of game and non-game is acceptable, as long as you believe it fits into the (wonderfully generous) umbrella of "interactive art."
  • Please give appropriate credit to any non-original elements you use in your work (which, of course, you obtained with permission!). 
  • You CAN start working now on your game(s) and/or any prep work you want to do, BEFORE the jam timer starts.
    • I'm personally a big advocate of NOT overdoing prep work, and letting inspiration strike oneself day-to-day, because it keeps Perfectionism TM from getting in the way of your finished work! But, on the other hand, the Inktober 2019 prompts were published on September 1, so some people are taking advantage of this to get more done at a relaxed pace. Go about this as you please, whichever method makes sense for your creative style.
    • Please don't submit a currently finished project, or a project already in development with the intent of "retrofitting" into being connected to an Inktober 2019 prompt.
  • As the jam host, I reserve the right to remove games from the jam if they are discriminatory, harassing, "shock-value" (i.e. don't be an edgelord), or spamming. But it's still totally okay to submit games that have emotionally heavy or mature subject matter! There's a short submission form that lets you indicate if this is applicable to your game(s), so definitely take advantage of that to inform players in advance!
  • This is an unranked jam and there are no prizes at the moment. If someone wants to offer a prize, that would be rad and I'm not opposed to that, please send me a DM at my twitter. Maybe if I have extra money at the end of the month, I'll offer to buy someone (selected at random) an official Inktober t-shirt or something. No promises though, just hopes and dreams.
    • After the jam ends, I'd love to do a Twitch stream or two of any games submitted for this jam, especially since I already enjoy hosting itchio game showcase streams, but I don't have a firm time/date/URL for that right now.

Who's running this? I'm Zolaire. I made my first games on a TI-84 calculator 8 years ago, I'm a 9-year NaNoWriMo participant, and I'm a 1-year Inktober participant. My first was 2017. I used post-it-notes and sharpie markers to create a pretty wide variety of photographic and video art for each Inktober prompt. Ultimately I think the point is to just do a little something artsy every day with whatever tools and skillsets work best for you. 

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