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A chill game jam for interactive fiction creators to create engaging stories and experiment with their storytelling. This jam is for any new and experienced creators to gain experience and meet other talented writers. The jam starts on August 26th and ends on September 16th. 

This is a very new community for writers and game designers to learn and grow with one another with the focus of interactive fiction and narrative design. Interactive Fiction Club Jam is open to anyone of any background and for those who crave more jams dedicated towards story driven/textbased games. Interactive Fiction Club is not just open to readers and writers; it's open to anyone of any sort of game design background who wants to be apart of the interactive fiction community and process. Check out the rules below to see what you can submit in this jam! 


  1. You can use any interactive fiction software you would like (Twine, ChoiceScript, etc.) and you can start working on your game before the start date.
  2. Your story can be of any genre but please keep your game SFW.
  3. Your game must be story driven. 
  4. You can submit demos and WIPs but finished work is encouraged!
  5. Only sumbit 1 entry.
  6. Your game should not be funded outside of

Please join the discord to meet other creators and the admin. If you have any questions, hop on the discord and ask away. (

*Please note that this is my first time running a jam so if there are any suggestions you have, feel free to send me a message.


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Can LOVE bloom in CYBERSPACE???
Visual Novel
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A short, linear interactive fiction that follows a journey of healing from loss by fulfilling a loved one's last wish.
Interactive Fiction
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You were destined to cut the strings of life and now you're faced with a bitter reality of your calling.
Interactive Fiction
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An interactive Halloween story
Interactive Fiction
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Interactive Fiction
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