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1- Create a game with Intellivision graphics style and color pallet only. One color per sprite.

2- Controls and gameplay can be simple, it doesn't need to be complex like the real games, it would just make the games tiresome.

3- Try to mimic the music style and sound effects, or if it is too hard just add sound effects only, doesn't matter much in these old games. Look on youtube for royalty free assets.


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  • Only basic graphics style to resemble a classic Intellivision game.
  • Please make your submissions free for the jam, after you can charge if you wish.
  • You can use existing/purchased artwork.
  • Can recycle code snippets from existing projects.
  • There is no theme.
  • You can work with a team or alone.
  • You can submit more than 1 game.
  • Submissions that do not pass a virus scan will be taken down without warning. Test your game here:

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Intelevision style game
Destroy the Android Minotaur and gather the information tape.