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Think the standard, default gods in the games you play are boring? Why not spice up your game table, and the tables of others, with some exciting new gods and worshipers?

Rules are simple:

  1. These have to be custom creations. You cannot submit someone else's IP stated up as a god. You can make a parody of someone else's IP, or something that's an obvious reference but with a different name and appearance.
  2. Your pantheon must include at least one deity, one follower or attached group, and one tradition or ritual associated with them.
  3. I'd prefer that you leave your submission system agnostic, but this isn't a requirement.
  4. Your pantheon doesn't need to be put up for sale, but I'd prefer you ask to be paid for your work.

This isn't a ranked contest. Make some cool shit that I can pray to for salvation from this Hell that is my life! Everyone who participates gets an icon at the end to add to their submission to show it was a part of this.

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A Deity, Follower, and Ritual for (Almost) Any System