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Inside the Box is looking for new games!

We're developing a series of small box games that celebrate the breadth and creativity of the tabletop game design medium and are looking for more submissions for this collection.

We're specifically looking for games that take an innovative approach to the use of classic and modern mechanics and styles, and carefully apply those ideas to a well crafted game design. Each of the games in this series will be housed in a standardised but individually illustrated box, provided at a low price point for maximum accessibility. We want to celebrate as many types of games as we can!

Games will have to cleverly use a small number of components to ensure low cost production, so that we can focus on making the parts of the game as high quality as possible. Games that rely on very specific high cost components such as plastic miniatures are fine but these should be limited to one or two pieces. We're not looking for reimplementations of existing games - innovation wins!

Regardless of whether we offer a contract for any of the submissions to take into a publishing deal, we'll be offering the best submissions the following:

1st Place - £500 Voucher for a Tabletop Games store in your region

2nd Place - £250 Voucher for a Tabletop Games store in your region

3rd Place - £100 Voucher for a Tabletop Games store in your region

4-10th Place - £50 Voucher for ITB's Webstore

To enter we need the following (all in .pdf format):

Single page document that provides an overview of the game concept

Rules and reference document

Game Components sufficient for a full play through

Please Note:

All submissions will be reviewed by the ITB team but under NO circumstances will we ever steal someone's idea. That's just not cool. If we like your idea enough to want to publish the game, we will contact you and offer you a royalties contract for the rights to produce and market your game. We offer industry leading royalty rates and a degree of creative input unparalleled by most other publishers.


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the game about solving with colors
Draft Heroes and Battle!
the game where crime pays
Rush to give gifts that match player's interests before Christmas morning and avoid people being naughty!
A 2-4 player (2 team) tile moving strategy game
Tableau Building Game with outside the board scoring
PNP files for Wicked Waltzers a 2-5 player game
Quarter Mile - The fast paced racing game down the quarter mile
A tactical 2 player card game
It's 2088 and Earth is dying. Manifest destiny of the stars is our only hope.
A Supernatural Horror Survival Game set in Colonial times
A push your luck card game of high stakes. (You have the physical prototype with you already in house)
Yep, that's a bomb. Counting down from 10 minutes. Get talking, play the right tool cards, and watch for bombmakers!
An dynamic area-control game for 2-4 hackers.
Run one of 4 prestigious theatre houses in pre-Shakespearean England
A co-operative card game of time travelling agents, putting right the past.
The game of Howling, Biting and Vampire Slaying for ages 8 to 10,000