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The Innovaters Jam #1

Hello! Welcome to the very first Innovaters Jam ! This is a Perfect Jam for you

The Innovaters Jam takes place over a span of 2 days, which is perfect for people who prefer shorter game jams in general.

Theme >>

Theme : Less Controls

Make sure you suggest another interesting theme for the next jam n our official Discord Server

Rules >>

  • Do credit the makers or team people in the game 
  • Make a Windows / Webgl ( web browser ) playable game
  • The Theme should be followed appropriately.
  • Any free asset can be used but the asset creator must be credited in your game.

You can use any Game Engine of your choice.

Here are some useful links-

Game Jam hosted by Hemanth and Dev.

For further Details and FAQ join Our Discord Server

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You're a Detective who goes into the minds of suspects to solve a rime
Visual Novel
Click the ducking Dotzzzz.
Stay on button.
Visual Novel
The animals at Bobo Lawn are upto something fishy
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Keep the situation under control!
Play in browser
Defend our planet form incoming aliens.
Interactive Fiction
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Play in browser
A game about a man who is bitten by a zombie and is slowly losing control.