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The Infernal Light Jam is the first game jam hosted by the Infernal Light game development community.

We're a group of hobby game devs discussing game concepts and designs that we may try to prototype or realize. If you want to join the community, you can follow this Discord invite link:

The topic of the jam is:


Submission rules:

- The team must consist of 2-3 members. There should not be loners and there should not be teams above 3 members.
- All artistic assets (models, sprites, music, sfx, etc.) should be made within the game jam. Exceptions are editor extensions (ProBuilder) and script librarys (Rewired). However these should not contain game templates or similar.
- Work on a fresh idea for this jam. Do not recycle past projects or use past assets for the game.

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Simple horror experience in a maze like town where you are hunted by a ruthless killer!
Watch the road or you may miss something... or hit it.
Arcade Puzzle Game
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