Submissions open from 2020-01-17 05:00:00 to 2020-02-29 05:00:00
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(If you're a MA dev looking for the PAX East issue 1 form it's over here:

Hello! Welcome to the entry page for the very first  second Indiepocalypse Anthology! 

This year the Fun Ghost Emporium, a booth representing the MA area game dev scene, ( will  be at PAX East so I'll be launching the anthology with a special MA dev issue. But after the gates swing open wide to everyone again! (And hopefully they'll be more people looking to buy it)

What is this thing anyway? 

Simply, it's a monthly collection of 10 games from 10 artists all wrapped up in one package. That the developers get paid for! Up front and on the back end! There will also be a short digital magazine with a page for each game. Creators are free to design their page to their own liking or submit text and pictures to be laid on for them.

Payment Details

BACK END: More complicated percentage based on total sales

Game Requirements

THEME!Not at GDC! That's it! This issue is for people who made games and are not going to go to GDC. Is this because GDC is a money sink of a scam that's really just an Industry Trade Show™ that indies have been tricked into believing is important and wouldn't it be better to instead make money with your games? Maybe?! I'm not necessarily saying that though. 

i am

None Really! Think of this as any extremely relaxed jam.

- Games can be made during the length of the 'jam' or any time prior
- Games can be of any theme (other than the aforementioned "Not at GDC")
- Games can be of any length
- Games can be digital or physical (that can be distributed digitally)
- Games can play very loosely with the term 'game'
- Any number of games can be submitted but each person can only occupy one slot.

That's pretty much it. Everyone keeps ownership of all their stuff, this is mostly a way to give a platform (and money) to smaller and/or more unknown projects.

What if my game is selected (and how is it)?

After submission entries are curated by me. If your game is selected, you'll be contacted through your preferred method of contact and given a form to fill out to collect the materials for the magazine and anything else that may be needed. If you submitted multiple games, you will either:

Be told which game was selected
Have your choice of bundling the games one entry/choose which game you'd like to be included.



I suppose that depends how long it takes to collect the games and compile the collection. Since this is the first issue I'm not sure how long it will take.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me!