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The Indie Galactic Space Jam was started with a goal of creating a venue where Game Developers could team up with the Space Industry to make fun and exciting games that inspire interest in Space Science and Exploration. The First Indie Galactic Space Jam was held on July 25th-27th in Orlando Florida @ the Orlando Science Center and the 2016 event is back in the OSC again. Over 130 Jammers Registered and these are the games that were made.

If you are disappointed you missed the event, don't dismay. We are already hard at work planning next year's event.

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The tests to find the first canine cosmonaut to go into orbit
Dogs! Cats! Asteroids-like gameplay!
Mining Asteroids in Space
Check your systems and launch Probes to research asteroids then rocket Replinauts to mine the resources.
Top-Down Space maze
indie galactic space jam 2016; asteroids done get shot
Mine asteroids, upgrade your drill, don't run out of fuel
Rhythm based asteroid mining.
Save flamingo 1 dude, what else do I have to tell you
Alien Dating Simulator
Visual Novel
previously capitalism centric thingy
Clicker game about developing a self-sustaining asteroid mining operation
Golf... in SPACE
The last Frontier
An otter in space catching and mining fruit asteroids to make delicious space jam.
Robotnaut is a top down resource gathering game where players race against the clock, dodge debris, and mine asteroids