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The Indie Galactic Space Jam was started with a goal of creating a venue where Game Developers could team up with the Space Industry to make fun and exciting games that inspire interest in Space Science and Exploration. The First Indie Galactic Space Jam was held on July 25th-27th in Orlando Florida @ the Orlando Science Center. The 2015 event is being held in Orlando at the Melrose Center in the Orlando Downtown Public Library. The event is almost 50% larger and 100% more awesome. Here we present to you the final games created by the teams at the jam!

If you are disappointed you missed the event, don't dismay. We are already hard at work planning next year's event.

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An alternate reality game in a box, set on an asteroid and full of secrets.
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Indie Galactic Space Jam - Microsoft Kinect Challenge Winner
A quick attempt at getting an intuitive feel of Hohmann Orbit Transfers!
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this robot is all glitchin out in space
Warped – here, there and everywhere™
Social media in space. How will we use it when the delays are hours long?
Interactive Fiction
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A short and sweet game.
Cuddly animal corporation space deck building game.
The Factur Space Program
Fast paced, 2D zero-gravity arena sport for astronauts
Use kinect to quickly perform emergency repairs on your ship!
A Co-Op tandem experience
Take over all the planets!
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Alter your orbit to get the best picture.
In Space Florida, no one can hear you scream.
Use the tetris mechanic to build and launch spaceships
Submission for Indie Galactic Game Jam 2015
Jump from asteroid to asteroid in this cosmic adventure!
Protect the rocket! Shove all the other things away! Boom (hopefully not?)!
A game about piloting yourself to asteroids in the solar system to return their resources to a dying Earth.
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smash bros inspired game