This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-07-10 04:00:00 to 2021-07-24 16:00:00. View results

The theme for this game jam is REASSEMBLY

Do you love scary games but can't wait until Halloween?

You should join the indie HORROR Jam! You have 14 days to make a horror game with a team as large as you like! If you can't find a team, consider joining the indie HORROR Discord Server! This is the first of many, so if you can't make this game jam stick around for the rest!

This jam is taking place from Saturday, July 10th 12:00 AM EST to Saturday, July 24th 12:00 AM EST

Playthroughs of games will be streamed live in the Discord server as the judges play through them!


  • Your game must be playable on a Windows computer or in the browser.
  • The only premade assets allowed is fonts, coding frameworks (NOT code), sound effects, and music. Every premade asset used must be credited and royalty free / with a license if not made by someone on the team. Everything else must be made for the jam, no exceptions. This includes code. You may have to give source code if your game is believed to violate this rule.
  • Games cannot be any more graphic than an M-Rating would allow. This means excessive gore and extremely dark topics are fine, but explicit nudity other sexual things are a no-go. This ain't a porn jam, c'mon people.
  • Changes made post-deadline must ONLY be bugfixes, expanding the game to more platforms (such as including a downloadable or HTML version), and adding in content that was made pre-deadline but you forgot to put in within reason. Once a game has been rated, we're not gonna make our judges play through it again. So get it right the first time, please.
  • If your game includes potentially touchy subjects, please include a content warning on the game page or in the game itself. If you're not sure, it's better to be safe than sorry.
  • Each member must be credited properly, especially with larger teams.


Each entry will be graded under 5 specific criteria, listed as follows:

  • Overall - How good was the game in general?
  • Scare Factor - How scary was the game?
  • Gameplay - How fun was the game to play?
  • Atmosphere - How much did the game suck you in?
  • Use of Theme - How well did the game incorporate the theme?
  • Originality - How original would you say the game's concepts were?


Each participant and their team who successfully submits an entry will get a special role in our discord server, which opens them up to participate in giveaways and just makes you look cool. As for winning the jam:

  • The winners of each individual category will get 5 dollars per category they achieve first place in.
  • The highest score will get 25 dollars and a super snazzy role in the server.
  • The amount of winnings each team makes will be divided amongst them equally or however the team agrees to split the cash.


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A short and devastating suburban gothic point-and-click adventure.
Rebuild yourself and escape Dr. Lowry's lab.
speedrunning a horror game
A short horror game
Horror point'n click about recollecting memories... And facing them.
Interactive Fiction
Hide your kids
A short conversation with your roommate's date.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Game about repairing your car in an abandoned gas station.
Made for Indie Horror Jam