This jam is now over. It ran from 2020-06-13 04:00:00 to 2020-07-13 04:00:00. View 26 entries

A new game jam, based around creating fully-realized content that fits on a 3x5 inch index card.

Ideally, it should use items that anyone can easily find around the house: paperclips, rubber bands, pencils, six-sided dice, &c, but feel free to go wild. Front and back can be used.


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A micro-RPG that fits on a single index card
A two player game that requires nothing but complicity.
A micro-RPG where you play as a mutant crossing the Wastes.
Solo RPG about a group's struggles during war.
(ill hold this card with you instead)
Big Crimes. Small Card.
Prophesy the divine will. (2020)
Index card game for GUN&SLINGER
A game about being a blob in a strict and shaped society
Save your monster babies from getting destroyed!
A Post-Pandemic Walking Game
Taste the blood of the gods.
An index card rpg about superheroes based on Micah Anderson's Dagger!
A micro-storytelling game of recorded truths on index cards.
a reminiscence and a prayer
Submission for Index Card Game Jam
Jigglier than tic-tac-toe!
A macro RPG where you tie knots and then stop.
A rules lite survival RPG
you and your friends sit down to play this game. then, you stop and decide to do something else instead!
a duet writing game of ritual, intimacy, and distance
an index card index card game for 3+ players