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Come on and slam, and Welcome to the In Space! Jam!

Between March 1st and June 30th, you have 72 working hours to create a game (or games!) reinventing your favorite non-sci fi concepts... IN SPACE!

(That's right, everybody. Now you have an excuse to make games about those crazy space opera AUs you've been nursing.)

You have three solid months to submit your creations. Why so relaxed about deadlines? 'Cause much like the movie that inspired its name, In Space! Jam is about challenging yourself and having fun — not skipping meals and welding yourself to your computer desk.

In short: It's a less limited, space-inspired sister event to the No-Brainer IF Jam.

How Do I Participate?

  1. Pick a piece of non-sci fi media.
  2. Reinterpret said media IN SPACE!
  3. Create a game within 72 working hours.
  4. Upload it before June 30th!

No genre is off the table when it comes to source material! Everything from music videos to silent cartoons are viable inspirations, provided you can prove they exist. ;)

If you wanna sell your games, you'd best stick to Public Domain characters and concepts or switch things up to avoid copyright infringement. Otherwise, go crazy m'friends.

Optional Challenges

Need a little direction? Cool. I've got you covered. Feel free to include one or more of these conditions in the development process!

  • Keep the game under 10mb (music not included)
  • Create several interrelated games
  • Create all art assets from scratch
  • Create all music from scratch
  • Use an 8-bit palette for the visuals
  • Keep gameplay under 5 minutes per playthrough
  • Use an unfamiliar engine/programming language
  • Mimic the visual or narrative style of another creator
  • Implement one-button controls
  • Implement multiplayer
  • Include a reference to that classic film, Space Jam
  • Don't stop believing

What Are 'Working Hours'?

Hours you spend working with the engine or creating assets, actively making the game. Most jams define hours by the clock, not development progress — resulting either in frenzied all-nighters or missed deadlines. Bet you're glad you're with us now, aren't you. ;)

I'm trusting y'all to honor that time limit. Of course, no-one will know if you cheat — but you wouldn't short-change yourself that way, right?


Can I Use Pre-Made Assets?

Go ahead, so long as you have permission. However, you must create the game itself within working hours!

Can I Submit More Than One Entry?

Heck to the yes. If you want, they can all be interrelated, too!

Can We Collaborate On An Entry?

Absolutely! The time limit applies to all teammates individually, so long as they don't share roles. (e.g., the designated artist can't help with the programming; the programmer can't help with the writing, etc.)

Can I Include 18+ Stuff?

Just keep it tasteful, tag as NSFW, and respect your audience. I'm gonna trust you guys on this one.

I Want To Propose A Challenge!

Cool. Hit me up on twitter and I'll gladly consider your suggestion!

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