Submissions open from 2019-11-22 04:00:00 to 2019-11-25 04:00:00
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Improve My Game Jam #6

A bi-monthly Game Jam where you improve on a previous game project and bring it closer to completion.


  1. You must submit any previously developed game and improve on it some how. 
  2. You must submit an outline of your improvements in a devlog. 

Rating is open to the public

  • Criteria
    • Overall
    • Fun
    • Visuals (Graphics)
    • User Interface
    • Audio

Questions? Ask Me Anything.


Can I submit a game which I have not published? 

  • Yes. The important thing it that you provide a Devlog outlining your improvements from your previous version of the game.

Can I submit an entirely new Project? 

  • Yes. Your Devlog should reflect as such.

Does this  game jam have a theme? 

  • No. You decide what to work on and publish it by the deadline.

Do i have to work only within the specified game jam duration? 

  • No.  You can work on your project how much you want, even now. 

Do I get anything for winning?

  • Nope. Sorry, this jam is not sponsored.

Note: Cheating will not make your game better than it really is.

No matter what obstacles come in your way, keep improving, be the best you can be. That, will benefit both you and everyone around you.

Now Lets Finish That Game